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How do I start a Career in Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical Engineering
I find a Career in Mechanical Engineering very interesting. For me understanding Why I want to choose a Career in Mechanical Engineering is phenomenally more important than figuring out How to get into Mechanical Engineering. My research about a Career in Mechanical Engineering became a lot more meaningful when I found: - Mechanical/Career-in-Mechanical-Engineering/hindi

Vidhu Gairola's overview!Vidhu Gairola invested 49 years in Mechanical Engineering. Vidhu Gairola has worked in Mechanical Engineering as Director in RESCO. In Vidhu Gairola's own words, this is how Vidhu Gairola got into Mechanical Engineering: "I have 40+ years of experience in rotating equipment and I have participated in selection of pumps for Alaskan Pipeline Project. I have also provided a working solution to the Central Coolant Filtration System at General Motors, which had been a major obstacle in keeping the sy…

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