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Career Counselling

What is the meaning of career Counselling? Career Counselling is the entire gamut of activities focussed on helping school students, college students and working professionals to arrive at a good Career decisions. There are various options available to Career seekers, however LifePage – world’s most evolved Career Counselling platform has revolutionised this domain.

Why is career Counselling important? Career is the most important decision of one’s life. If the decision is wrong then later life becomes very challenging. Hence, it is important that everyone invests time, effort and money to arrive at a good Career decision and a skill focussed Career plan.

How do you conduct career Counselling? There are various formats practiced by various Career Counsellors. The best Career Counselling platform, LifePage offers a 14 hour Career Plan which is done entirely online using phone and the LifePage App.

How much do career counselors charge in India? Charges vary from one Career Counselling pr…